WINDY: wind & weather forecast v5.3.4 Cracked APK [Latest]

WINDY: wind & weather forecast

WINDY: wind & weather forecast

Windy app is useful wind compass for extreme wind sports and other outdoor activities (SUP, fishing, bike, RC pilotage). Also check out our WOW-feature: «Animated Wind Map» – it shows how winds blow on the globe. Design is our main passion. We try to show you wind in the most beautiful way.

It’s the must have app for:
– kitesurfing (kitesurf),
– windsurfing (wind surf),
– snowkiting,
– yachting and sailing,
– paragliding,
– skydiving,
– cycling – we have a lot of bicyclists,
– kayaking
– wakeboarding
– surfing

Among our users we have also drone pilots, wind power producers, crane operators, ordinary people (even from Windy city) and golf players.
It’s very popular among fishermen, that’s why we decided to make spots with chat to share the catch on lakes, rivers etc.

Windy features:
☆ animated wind tracker (weather radar) – must have for sailing, yachting and also for kiting in light wind. Everyone know about best conditions to relax using our animated wind map.
☆ spot chat – now everyone with anemometer can write weather conditions and wind direction in chat from kite spot
☆ local forecast for the next 10 days with 3 hours step in knots / beaufort / mps (like windguru GFS27 from NOAA)
☆ wind report: wind speed meter, wind gusts, temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales cloud cover, precipitation (rain and snow)
☆ wave forecast: ocean wave and sea swell
☆ over 30.000 spots sorted and located by the type and area
☆ possibility to add spots in favourites
☆ hurricanes and storms tracker (Miami, Carolina etc.)
☆ free nautical charts map
☆ pressure, humidity and other weather parameters

Why Windy:
– it’s made by wind-addicted for wind-addicted
– fresh and simple design makes it extremely beautiful
– the only mobile app with chats for riders which will help to get in touch with people on spot and to know about real conditions on it.

[b]Windy roadmap is:[/b]
– to add actual data from weather stations (like in Windy for iOS)
– to get higher resolution and actual forecast (WRF, NAM, NOAA weather)
– to make forecast for newbies – enter your weight and kite sizes and we will tell you which one to take
– to show tides, water conditions (flat, chop and so on)
– to make chats for private messaging and private chats for kiteboarding and windsurfing schools, kite repair and rental
– to show wind energy and wind blowing
– to make notification alert and wind alert for better conditions on favourite spots
– spot voting and ratio
– to add air pressure for fishing
– to add offline forecast for yachting
– to make hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons notifications

We are one of the best apps for kiteboarding, sailing and fishing. But we are beginners at surfing. So if you are a surfer and don’t have enough surf report in app, try our great competitors in surfing category:
– Wisuki
– MagicSeaWeed (MSW)
– Surfline Surf Reports
– Glassy Surf Report
– World Surf League
– ikiesurf

We have forecast for waves, tides and wind but we are not sure that we give it to you in the best way. We are open to your ideas about surfing because we love it.

PRIVATE SPOTS: create new spots visible only to you! Great news for fishermen
WIND REPORTS for you favorite spots are now shown on mainscreen. See most current wind report in one

Download: PRO features Unlocked

WINDY: wind & weather forecast v5.3.4 Cracked APK / Mirror

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